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Dear Friend,

The last time you bought a new or used car, did you wonder how good of a deal you really got from your seemingly friendly car salesman? And did you think he was the nicest guy you'd met in a long time?

Listen to this… The reason your car salesman smiled like a Cheshire cat and treated you like his new best friend isn't because he's a kind and caring soul.

…It's because he was taking hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars of your hard earned money that he didn't deserve. You can think of it as legalized thievery.

The sad truth is, these guys feast on your ignorance.

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Dealership Sales Scams!

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But, unfortunately, you didn't know it at the time and you're not alone… Practically 90% of car buyers don't know that they are set up and taken advantage of from the auto sales business.

How do I know? I used to be one of those car salesmen. But I left the industry because I refused to play by their money sucking rules any more.

In fact, before I gave my boss the virtual middle finger - I was the General Manager of a popular auto dealership and I used to rip people off too. Not because I wanted to. But because that's what's demanded of you when you're in the business.

You should have heard all the nasty, low down insults and threats my boss and co-workers spewed at me when I decided to quit. I stormed out of the office with my fists clenched and my blood pressure near the boiling point.

And as I drove off the lot, I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to leave it at that. Instead, I'd fight back and help as many people as I can so they will never be taken advantage of again.

Now I'm giving the auto sales industry a taste of their own medicine by exposing them for the money sucking, greedy vampires they really are.

And spilling all the secrets they use every single day. Giving you your chance to see exactly what goes on behind closed doors… behind your back… under your nose… and show you exactly "How it is" in this business.

In other words, here are all the dirty secrets the auto sales industry never wants you to know about.


If you've ever secretly wondered if car salesmen are totally honest with you… Here's your answer:

Are You Kidding Me? Not Even Close!

No other industry that I know of takes advantage of hard working people's money like they do in auto sales.

It's like they think you're a rich aunt or uncle who they can justify bleeding money from. Hey, after all, they deserve it. Right? Wrong!

With the way they lure you in and make you play their ridiculous mind games… Like haggling, where to sit, getting to know you… making you think you scored the best deal on your trade in.

Good grief. It's rattling my nerves just thinking back to those embarrassing days.

Heck, we both know that buying a car is really expensive. And the monthly payments can be so outrageous that they leave you empty handed at the end of the month.

So what do dealers do? They shamelessly lure you in with so called sales. What a joke. Except they're the only ones laughing… at you.

You'd get a better deal buying swampland in Florida than at a car dealership sale. At least when you buy swampland, you expect to get ripped off.

Lucky for you though you can rest assured knowing that from now on…

Hello Peter,
Thank you so much for your book!!!!
Because of your book, we ended up getting a brand new 2008 Honda pilot EX-L for less than a used 2007!!! (msrp=32,900 we paid 24,800 with 0.9% financing.) I felt like I was in such a good position to bargain for what I wanted because I'd read your book! My husband was even pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole transaction was because I'd done all the leg work ahead of time. I've already recommended your book to one of the mother's groups of about 200 families and plan to recommend it to the other two I belong to! (they are even larger.)

Thank you!
Cheryl Walterskirchen

Hi Peter,
My name is Edward and I just bought your e-book. Sometime this year (2007) I will be buying a vehicle and I took the chance that your e-book would be of assistance. I must confess that I was put off with the zealous promotional content on and I had previously walked away from this page. It read like it was too good to be true and I didn't trust it - not even the testimonials. Of course, now that I've read it through I see that it over delivers, even over and above all of the claims you make. This has turned out to be one of my smarter investments. Thank you. It was particularly interesting in the e-book when you talked about how the industry treats their own personnel. This was very telling, because if they are eager to find ways to rip off their own employees what chance does the average Joe have, unarmed with your information, to come through the purchase process unscathed? No chance at all! As you say, it is all about perception. For the cost of your e-book anyone can cut through the crap and deception and make a really good deal with confidence. And that's just what I plan to do this year.

Edward C. from Vancouver

The Salesman Won't Stand A Chance In Hades of Messing With You!

No way. Being mistaken for a sucker won't happen to you ever again. Because people who know the insider secrets…. The ins and outs of how auto dealers operate… the ones who are privy to these secrets never get mistaken for a fool.

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Imagine, the next time you buy a new or used car or truck, the dealer won't dare try any of his paper or mind games on you.

He'll recognize from the moment you walk onto the showroom floor and open your mouth - NOT to mess with you. And if he's cocky enough to try (don't be surprised if he is) you'll know exactly how to put him in his place.

Pronto! It'll be like you taking a wild bull by the horns and turning him into an obedient servant.

But first, you must understand this: It doesn't matter if you live in a big city, small town or somewhere in between… dealers everywhere use these manipulative tricks right under your nose. So now…

"It's Time You Know All The Secrets To The
Car Buying Game!"

I call it a game because that’s exactly what it is. Someone wins and someone loses. Someone walks away with a heck of a lot of cash in his pocket... and it isn’t you.

Unless you know how to play the game

It’s all here spelled out in my new easy to read e-book Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer Executive
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This is your guaranteed way to
make sure you never get ripped
off by a salesman.
Imagine knowing ahead of time what his next move
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Call his own bluff so to speak.

Plus find out in detail

  1. Every trick, scam, slight of hand move and psychological twist designed to drain money out of your pockets. (Even some other dealers didn’t know anything about).
  2. Step by step how to guarantee you’re paying the lowest price for your car. Even how to go around the salesman and his manager. (Imagine…no more haggling over the price).
  3. Exactly how to get the most money for your trade in. And the smart way to apply it to the purchase price of your car. Dealers have a sneaky way of making you think you’re getting a good deal on your trade in. (Even when you really aren’t).
  4. How to protect yourself and get a good deal even if you filed for bankruptcy or have poor credit. (This is a biggie!)

"Online Videos!"

You get the e-book jammed pack with over 100 pages of must have - beginning and advanced - car buying strategies and techniques. Plus you get all four online videos so you can easily follow along with and discover the following:

  • How to find out invoice pricing on all new vehicles and the true market value!

  • How to find out the rebates and financing incentives from every auto dealer!

  • How to create an educated fax for your educated fax assault!

  • How to find out used car values BEFORE you buy, sell or trade in your vehicle!

"Do You Have Bad Credit?"

Listen, if you’re one of the over 1,000,000 people who file for bankruptcy every year or have poor credit…read this:

What you don’t realize is that you’re one of the dealer’s biggest targets.

I don’t say that to be offensive. I say that because when dealers see you coming, they have a big bag of tricks especially for you. They’re so sly about it that they make you think you’re getting a good deal.

I mean face it. If you’re in this position you probably feel pretty crappy about it. Embarrassed. Humiliated. You don’t want anybody knowing.

But you still need to drive a car. So, you go to a dealer, he sees you coming. And he takes advantage of you in an expensive way. In fact, it reminds me of how hyenas fight over a fresh kill.

But not any more because you’ll have the secrets to protecting yourself.

Contributing Expert for the book "Scam Proof Your Life"
Your advice is crucial for anyone shopping for a new car. Not only was it an invaluable addition to my book, Scam-Proof Your Life, but I personally used some of your tips and strategies in my last vehicle purchase—and managed to save at least $1,500 MORE than I would have with hard-core negotiating alone…Car Buying Scams is more than just an eye-opening, “inside” look into car sales; it’s essential reading for every motorist.

Sid Kirchheimer
Consumer-protection reporter and author of
Scam-Proof Your Life

Greetings Peter,
Well, I went over your e-book and bought a Nissan Altima 3.5 SL for $250 under invoice. And the dealer's invoice was less than the other figures I saw on the Internet. The outfit I bought the vehicle from deals with very large volume and has a lot of holdback to play around with. Yes, there was manufacturer's rebate taken off the invoice minus $250, not added on and then subtracted from the price as you mentioned some very unscrupulous dealers do. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your car buying guide. It saved me thousands of my after tax dollars.
Very best regards,

Walter G. Aiello, Ph.D.
Manager, Network and Information Services
Magnetic Resonance Research Section
Duke University Medical Center

What a great experience, I just sealed a deal on a high end Diesel rig, chopped $4,000 off of selling price on a Used rig that generally commands a higher price. Loads of fun, I completely undid the fleet managers composure, all the while being just as nice and friendly as I could be. Thank you for writing this book, it made my day..
Thanks again,

Ronald Baird,
Gresham Oregon

I am 69 years of age...served 30 years in the military... have owned 30 brand new vehicles...I needed your book 50 years ago... you deserve a Consumer Advocacy Award for publishing/authoring such an informative book...I will eagerly encourage family and friends to purchase your book...
Respectfully yours,

Richard Fisher
Titusville, FL.

Hi Peter,
Just bought your e-book and read through it. Wish I had found this a day ago... Yesterday I signed the contract to lease a car and I'm thinking I got hosed. (Questions asked and answered.) 2nd email~ Wow, thanks for the great response. I'm impressed and grateful that you spent the time to look it over. Thanks again, you've put my mind at ease.

Blake Grant

I bought your e-book last Monday. After reading some of the rorts these car sales people get up to it has openend a total new meaning to buying a new or used car. Talk to you later.

Bill Nellestein

I will highly recommend your ebook to others and am grateful to you for first of all, writing the book as it will help many others and second, for allowing me to use the material to teach young adults about buying a car. Thanks for everything!

Angi Orton
Transition Specialist Joint Action in Community Service (A support agency to Job Corps)

We spoke this morning about my problem with a dealer. Your input this morning was an inspiration and I am very grateful you responded so quickly to my request.
Best Regards,

Dan Womack
Legal Investigator and Certified Paralegal for the firm Womack, Sage & Appleby, P.A.

We bought a vehicle. I found that it was relatively easier going pre-certified than with new in terms of scams and sales pitches. Through the waiting game and research I was able to have the dealership tack on a (new car) warranty until 2007 or 100,000 miles on a 2002 Volvo xc70 that had 23,300 miles already. The info in your book helped greatly, and really built up buyer confidence!

James H.

After a bad experience with Dealer A, I bought and read your e-book, "Car Buying Scams". Nevertheless, because all car dealings tend to raise my blood pressure unacceptably, I still kept putting off any further attempts to help my wife buy a new car.
But my wife, having done her homework on the specific car she wanted, read your e-book and followed your advice to the letter with Dealers B, C, and D. Less than 48 hours later, she drove her new luxury car home from Dealer B.
As she was leaving, the sales manager--who had been assigned to complete the process, but had not himself been involved in the pricing agreement (again, according to your advice)--told her: "Now that this is done, you don't really need to know this, just got the best deal anyone ever got from this dealership except for me--and I get my cars at cost."
Thank you, Peter. Not only did I not have to get involved at all (since my wife did it herself), you saved us a bundle!.

Bob Leedom
Glenwood, Maryland

Hi Peter,
Really enjoyed your book.

Hugh Evans

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for the book. It was very informative. I will be buying a truck for myself while I am on a deployment to Afghanistan. Hey you said you were USMC. I want to say thanks for that. I am with 3rd special forces group. Thank you again very much for the book. It was a great read.

Terrance D

Nice to Get Your Note Peter!
That's way kind of you to take a minute to write... and you'll be glad to know that I was able to "talk down" the price on a car at $11,999 all the way to $5,999! My son is now the proud owner of a "steal of a deal" Ford Focus... thanks largely to you! Please keep in touch.

Brian Keith Voiles
Sandy, Utah

What Are The Dirty Rotten Scams And Tricks Dealers Use To Siphon My Money Without Me Knowing It?

They’re detailed through out Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer Executive "Breaks Code of Silence!" Here’s a small sample of what’s packed in this tell all car buying guide

  • Among insiders it’s called "Upping the Customer". What you must know about how this psychological "game" costs you money if you’re not privy to the rules.
  • Avoid playing the innocent looking game of "4 Square". It costs you more money than a cold Craps table in Las Vegas.
  • The only way to get repairs done by the manufacturer after the warranty expires. Even if you thought it was impossible.
  • The dirty little "5 Finger Sign-up" and "Packed Payment" secrets even a crime sniffing dog might miss.
  • This go-to person at the dealership will gladly knock off thousands of dollars without haggling or trying to rip you off. Hardly anyone knows about this gem!
  • The tiny little secret for backing out of a contract if buyer’s remorse strikes. Know this BEFORE going to the dealership or you’re out of luck.
  • The only step-by-step printable car buying "cheat sheet" car dealers don't want you to get your money saving hands on.
  • 6 money-sucking sales gimmicks exposed! Never be fooled by one of those Academy Award winning worthy performances again. All dealerships use them regardless of where you live.

Listen to what more people have said about Car Buying Scams, "Auto Dealer Executive Breaks Code of Silence!" already…

Thanks Peter for all your assistance. I did want you said and they sent me a check for the down payment. I got the $500.00 back so thanks again. You really helped me figure out what to do and I am so thankful that I was able to get my $500.00 back.
Take Care,

Steve Boykin

Excellent book! I tend to be a friendly, trusting person and I do not lie. I'll even pay a few bucks extra so the "friendly" salesman doesn't get in trouble with the boss. I tend to assume that others, car salesmen included, have the same ethical and moral standards that I do. Wrong! You have blown the whistle! Everyone should read your book over and over again before they even think about buying a car. If you want the "force" to be with you when you walk into that dealership, then study the book first. Otherwise, you might as well hand the salesman a blank check and tell him to fill in the numbers.

Ken Hoff

Your car buying guide is the real deal when it comes down to exposing car dealers and their tactics! I was a car salesman for 7 years and this book reminded me of why I got out of the business and started my pizza restaurant. I'm glad someone finally had the guts to expose the industry for how it's ripping people off everyday. Awesome book!
Take Care,

Terry Parker,
Former Car Salesman
Bend, OR

Peter, in one word, "priceless." The information you shared opened my eyes to what really goes on at a car dealership. I was astounded by the games and tricks that are played on us unsuspecting buyers. I know, using the information in your book, I will be able to save at least $1,000 and probably a lot more on my next vehicle! The book was filled with useful strategies for getting the best deal on a vehicle purchase.

Russ Banister
Kelowna BC Canada

Your book is absolutely amazing! I'd always suspected that many car dealers were, shall we say, less than honest -- but I had no idea they all used so many different scams to rip us off! After reading your book, I now know exactly how they've taken advantage of me -- an unsuspecting and naive woman (at the time). Now, armed with your book, I am actually eager to "do battle" with them again. This time I'll be the one who knows EXACTLY what's going on and what to do about it! I know your book is going to save me tons of money on my next car, and at the end of the transaction, it'll be ME with the smirk on my face! Thank you so much!

Bonnie Lowe
Vacaville, CA

I was shocked about what you revealed in your book. Unbelievable that this business has survived for so long, without customers massively turning their backs on them. I recognized some mistakes I made in the past when buying a car. Won't do that again from now on!

Erwin Steneker,
The Netherlands

Wow! I thought I knew all there was to buying a car, but I was wrong! Your book is packed with detailed price-saving advice. This should be a must read for anyone thinking of buying or selling a car. A person could easily save thousands of dollars by reading your book first. I know I’ll pay less next time. Thank you, Peter, for spilling the beans on what really goes on at the dealerships. The information you provide in chapter 5 is enough to make anyone stop dead in their tracks before going to another so called "Sale." I'll never look at a car salesman the same way again.

Wendy Baldwin,
Park City, Utah

Hi Peter,
Good afternoon! I read about half of the ebook so for! Your material is fantastic and very educational and will save lots of time and money when I purchase new vehicles! Thank you so much for the quality material! Have a great day!

Roy Babineaux, President/CEO
Cajun Country Candies, Inc.

"Loved your book!"

Robert Goldman

Just a quick email to let you know that your ebook was a huge eye opener! My mother is buying a new car soon and after reading your book there is no way I would let her do it alone! From the information in your book I can be assured she won't be getting scammed... the real life examples you wrote about in chapter 10 are out right scary.

Neil Anderson
Irvine, CA

I was a former Finance Manager in the car business and got your book mostly out of curiosity. I was pretty surprised when I read your section on the Finance Department! You certainly didn't hold anything back. You exposed every scam in existence plus some I never even knew about. Everyone who reads your book is going to thank you for saving them a lot of money!

Jerry Goettig
Former Finance Manager, Southern California

Hi Peter,
I think you wrote an excellent book especially from your unique perspective as a General Manager. Sure wish I had read it before purchasing my current car. As I mentioned before, I found a lot in your book and printed it out for future reference.

Jan V.

I want you to know that I did purchase a car this past weekend. I bought a Honda Accord. I had looked at the Toyota’s liked I had e-mailed you about and then the Honda. I am very happy with my new purchase! I was much more prepared to go car shopping than I ever was before. I truly enjoyed reading your book and hopefully I can be of some help to a friend or relative when they decide to go car shopping.
Thanks again,

Leeanne Weirback

Hi Peter,
I ordered your ebook I believe on June 27th. So far it has been very informative and I know in the past when we have bought a vehicle everything you have written has been exactly what we have had happened to us. Thankfully we won't have to worry about that again thanks to your book! Thanks for the great info..

Marcia Allum

Hey Peter,
We purchased your program and are delighted with the wealth of information available to us.
Thanks Peter!.

Karl Alan

"Here Are More Secrets And Tips Exposed!"

  • An easy way to decide if leasing a car is right for you. It’s a great option for the right person but you must know before you sign on the line.
  • The simple way to know you’re getting the lowest lease rate instead of being fooled like most people. (It's so easy that a 5th grader can figure it out.)
  • 1 critical step to protect your good credit when co-signing a loan.
  • The best place to sell your used car and how to write an attention-grabbing ad that’ll make your phone ring off the hook. You’ll sell it faster and get more money out of it.
  • The only way to protect yourself from bottom feeder salesmen who swarm you like a ruthless hunter surrounding baby Arctic seals.
  • Why people "in the know" with poor credit and bankruptcy don’t get a car loan at the dealership and where they go instead.
  • What seemingly innocent tidbit of personal information to never ever let slip between your lips when the salesman is "getting to know you". Or else you set yourself up for slaughter!
  • A simple mind strategy change when talking about your trade-in and the biggest money-saving way to apply it towards your new car.
  • How to build confidence fast so you don’t "Blow it" when making an offer.
  • What you must know about warranties, GAP insurance, undercoating, etching and other Add-ons before closing the deal.
  • Exactly how and when you can buy a car below invoice. Don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done. And don’t fall for salesmen who offer it to you up front. That spells money-suck!
  • What sneaky "seeds" salesmen plant in your thinking process that you don’t even notice! Some people call this psychological twist, "Invasion of the Mind Snatchers!"
  • 1 easy step to add instant value to your trade-in.
  • What really goes on behind the closed doors between the salesman and the General Manager and why you better care.
  • How to protect yourself if the dealer doesn’t pay off your trade-in and how to make him grovel for mercy.
  • What 2 little words make even the biggest, brashest, most obnoxious salesman quiver like a scaredy cat and suddenly jump at your command!

The more you think about the last time you bought a new or used car, the more you realize that you were set up without realizing it. Vow to never let it happen again.

And the one guaranteed way to do that is with Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer Executive "Breaks Code of Silence!"

"Start Saving Right Now!"

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I guarantee it!

This isn’t stuff you learn in any class, free website or anywhere else. It’s straight "no holds barred" insider’s secrets straight from over six years in the auto business!

And it’s the easiest way for you to gain the valuable knowledge you need when buying your new or used car.

Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer Executive "Breaks Code of Silence!" is packed with money saving know how that’s literally priceless.

With 11 detailed chapters and "must have" web site addresses conveniently provided for you. It’s the fastest and surest way to make car buying a breeze.

Never before has anyone taken you by the hand and walked you step-by-step through the entire car buying process. From knowing:

  • What's a fair price to pay and what's a fair trade in
  • Where to look on the contract for sly charges that "mysteriously" wound up there, hoping you wouldn't notice
  • Exactly how to read the contract
  • How to handle yourself like a pro before arriving at the dealership - to driving away in your hot new car or truck!

"Take Advantage Of This Now!"

Here's the deal: I showed this book to one of my buddies who used to work in car sales too. He said I was absolutely nuts to even tell anyone about this insider information because he's afraid I could get in a pot of boiling water with some hot shot, big gun auto dealer.

They could take me to the mat and hang me out to dry. As in shut down my web site and threaten me with who knows what. After all, the more people who know about their lousy down and dirty rotten tricks, the less money they make.

And that WILL make them mad. (But it's worth risking their wrath for as long as I can get away with it.)

My buddy said if I insisted on putting my neck on the line like this, I better get at least a good portion of what this knowledge is worth. That's why he said I'd be insane to offer this for less than $500.

After all, people simply don't understand how much they get ripped off each time they buy a car. And this could easily save them up to $5,000. Possibly more the first time they use what's inside.

Now, it's my intention to save people as much money as possible, so I priced these insider secrets at a price that anyone can afford. That's why it's only $47.00.

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Bonus #1 My private email address. If you still have questions after reading my book, you can contact me as often as you want for a full 6 months after today!

Imagine having your own "car buying coach" answer any questions you may have about your car buying process. This obviously takes up a lot of my time so this offer is only available to the next 100 people.

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Well I got tired of it myself and decided to create my own Federal Government Auction Guide for the buyers of my Car Buying Scams e-book. In this guide you'll find out:

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P.S. I’ve read articles and other books on car buying that made my eyes roll to the back of my head. They either don’t say anything useful or they tell you the wrong way to buy a car and you wind up not saving money after all.

One guy even preached that you negotiate from the MSRP down. WRONG!! It drives me nuts reading all that garbage!

You know what’s really frustrating? Most of the people telling you how to buy a car never worked for a car dealership! That’s sort of like a dentist telling you how to perform heart surgery.

It’s ridiculous!! Here’s where you’ll find the real car buying know how. You won’t find anything vague – I’m talking details!

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